Scheduled Transfers Terms and Conditions

May 2019

These money transmission services are being provided exclusively by Pangea USA, LLC, which is a money transmitter licensed and registered under applicable state and federal laws. Remmesa does not offer money transmission or banking services in the United States.

  1. The Program. By enrolling in Pangea’s Automatic Transfers Program (the “Program”), you authorize Pangea to automatically debit the bank account you designate or to charge the debit card you designate (collectively, the “Designated Payment Methods”) according to the preferences you have selected for the timing and amount of recurring transfers (the “Transfer Schedule”). You also authorize your bank or card issuer to honor the charges to the Designated Payment Methods according to the terms of the Transfer Schedule.
  2. Disclosures and Estimates. By enrolling in the Program, you acknowledge that you have received and reviewed the terms of the Transfer Schedule, which may have included estimates related to the foreign exchange rate, various fees, and taxes, and/or the amount of money, in foreign currency, to be received by the recipient (collectively, the “Estimates”). You acknowledge that the Estimates may differ from the actual amounts that Pangea charges you and sends to the beneficiary on the date of the scheduled transfer, and you authorize Pangea to charge your Designated Payment Methods according to the Transfer Schedule despite this difference.
  3. Transfer Schedule, Changes, and Cancellation. You acknowledge receipt of the Transfer Schedule, which you can review at any time by selecting “Automatic Transfers” from the main menu of the Pangea web or mobile apps. You can delete scheduled transfers from this screen at any time prior to the next scheduled transfer. Your scheduled transfers will continue to occur and you will continue to be charged until the scheduled transfer is deleted.
  4. Promo Codes and Referral Bonuses. Reusable promo codes are applicable to the first automatic transfer only. Promo codes will not be applied to any following automatic transfers. Referral bonuses will not be applied to scheduled automatic transfers.
  5. Discounted transfer fees. Discounted transfer fees for new Transfer Schedules may be available up to 30 days after your first transfer. The discounted fee will be locked-in and applicable to all automatic transfers associated with that Transfer Schedule until that Transfer Schedule is deleted. Transfer Schedules created more than 30 days after your first transfer will not be eligible for a discount. Discounted transfer fees for automatic transfers are only applicable to transfers originating from debit cards.