Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June — this year June 19 — offering a chance to show all the fathers or father figures just how much you care. 

Because Dad’s always been there to lend a helping hand, this year, use Father’s Day as an opportunity to help him out, too. Give him a gift that ups his game, however and wherever he needs it. From nicer grooming products to tech-savvy items to the greatest gift of all (time with you!), here are a few ways you can show Dad your love, through a gift that he’ll use and treasure.


Upgrade his products.

If Dad’s been using the same soap, shampoo or razor for years, maybe it’s time to enhance his grooming ritual. Look for things he would never buy himself: a nicer razor or beard trimmer, a smoother shave cream, a soap with an invigorating smell. A boost to his daily routine can give him an extra skip in his step when he starts the day.


Help him sleep through the night.

With young kids, missing sleep is to be expected. But when the kids are all grown, Dad deserves a fulfilling night’s sleep. Help him achieve it with an upgraded set of sheets or blankets, or treat dad to a sound machine, with white noise that blocks out the chaos of the world outside and helps him achieve a deep, comfortable rest.


Keep him on top of tech trends.

With the right technology, you can help your father or father figure add a little something extra to everyday items. Look for temperature controlled smart mugs, so his coffee is always at the right temperature; a fitness tracker to keep him moving and in shape; or a Bluetooth tracker, so he never loses his phone or keys again. But the best tech-savvy gift? A digital picture frame. With rotating photos, he’ll have a constant stream of family photos and memories at his fingertips.


Elevate his cooking.

Whether your dad is just learning his way around the kitchen or he’s the family chef, give a gift that makes cooking easier — and more delicious. Try a pasta maker, new grill tools, a cookbook or even a bottle or two of his favorite spices, salts or sauces.  Bonus: when Dad goes gourmet, the whole family is rewarded. Or, if he needs a break from a kitchen, whip up dinner for him so he can kick back.


Help him help others.

If he’s the kind of dad who gives to others before himself, show him he’s been a powerful influence and follow his lead. Send a donation to an organization that’s close to his heart, or give him a product that pays it forward to a non-profit that he cares about. If he helps family or friends out financially, take a payment off his plate and send money or pay bills through Pangea. Our money transfer app is safe, secure and easy for the recipient to access.


Help him do what he loves best — spend time with you.

Just like we suggested for Mother’s Day, the very best gift you can give your father or father-figure is the gift of time. Take him out for a round of golf, grab a lunch together or just go on a walk. If you don’t live in the same place, set aside an hour for a dedicated video call. Simple, one-on-one conversation will help him feel loved and appreciated, providing the best return for the lowest cost.


Let him choose.

Maybe he’s impossible to shop for or always tells you not to worry about him. Let him decide how to pamper himself: Send him a thoughtful money transfer directly to his debit card or bank account with Pangea. And don’t worry, our transfers happen instantly, so you won’t miss his big day.