My name is Nico. I’m a graphic designer from Colombia. I moved to the U.S. in 2010 to get my degree in Visual Arts. Even though I’ve been away from home for the last 5 years, my family is still a really important part of my life.  We chat all the time on WhatsApp and once in a while I send money to my dad back home in Colombia.

When I started working for Pangea Money Transfer a couple months ago, I was really excited to find out that we were expanding to other countries in Latin America. As soon as we launched in Colombia, I sent money to my dad. Although Pangea Money Transfer promises people will receive the money in minutes, I still expected it to take the normal 3-5 days like all of the other services I had used like Western Union or Moneygram.


I was blown away when I didn’t even get a chance to finish my WhatsApp message to my dad about the money I had just sent! I was interrupted by a message from him, telling me that Pangea had already let him know the money was in his bank account. It literally took less than a minute for him to get the transfer.

Seriously, it was great. Pangea is faster and cheaper than any other service I’ve used before. I recommend it to everyone!

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