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From Your Debit Card Your Family & Friends Abroad

You send
Total Cost:
They get
  • MexicoMXN
  • PhilippinesPHP
  • BangladeshBDT
  • Burkina FasoXOF
  • ColombiaCOP
  • Ivory CoastXOF
  • Dominican RepublicDOP
  • FranceEUR
  • GermanyEUR
  • GhanaGHS
  • El SalvadorUSD
  • GuatemalaGTQ
  • HondurasHNL
  • IndiaINR
  • ItalyEUR
  • KenyaKES
  • IndonesiaIDR
  • MalaysiaMYR
  • NepalNPR
  • NigeriaUSD
  • SenegalXOF
  • SingaporeSGD
  • ThailandTHB
  • UgandaUGX
  • VietnamVND

Current conversion rate: 1 USD = MXN

Send Money To:

Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Asia: Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal
Europe: France, Germany, Italy
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Pangea Makes It Easier To Live Without Borders

Send Your Money Where It's Needed, When it's Needed:

Easily send a money transfer

Send money easily whenever it's needed. With Pangea, it only can takes a few seconds to transfer money to Asia and Latin America. No subscription required. Simply set-up your transfer and hit send!

Schedule Automatic Transfers

Sure, you can send a one-time transfer, but creating a recurring transfer is the easiest way to make sure you don't miss sending money to your friends and family. Simply set it and forget it!

Pay International Bills

Directly pay your loved ones' bills including electric, water, phone or cable. You'll keep control of your money while helping ease your loved ones' burdens. Simply set-up bill pay and we handle the rest!

You Work Hard For Your Money.
Sending It Home Should Be Easy!

At Pangea We Work Hard To Make International Money Transfers Simple, Safe & Incredibly Quick. We Help You:

Skip bank lines Send money from your phone or computer
Eliminate transfer delays Your money arrives easily
Avoid high fees Get low fees and great exchange rates
Protect your information Your info and your money are secured
Remove any worries Your money isn’t traced by banks or the government

Pangea is a simple, easy-to-use tool that makes international money transfers a breeze. Get started now and see just how easy it is to use!

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Think sending money is complicated?

Pangea Money Transfer makes it easy and affordable.
We help you send money with low fees and the quickest transfer time to Asia and Latin America!

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Always Keeping You Safe & Your Money Secure

Safety. Simplicity. Speed. That's The Pangea Promise.
Pangea offers a smarter way for people to move money around the world to friends and family. Founded in 2012, Pangea started with a mission to revolutionize the emittance industry by providing customers a powerful, easy-to-use mobile application to send money internationally. Since then, we have grown to offer additional products and services to help underbanked immigrants gain financial independence. Pangea operates as an independent subsidiary under Enova International (NYSE: ENVA). Also headquartered in Chicago, Enova is a leading financial technology company offering accessible credit to millions of customers. Together, Pangea and Enova are on a mission to help hardworking people get access to fair financial services.
Keep your money secure. icon
Secure Login Via 2-Factor Authentication
Leading Fraud Prevention Technology
24/7 Transaction Monitoring

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testimonial- 5 stars review
"Finally, a money transfer service with no hidden fees!"
- Lizbeth, Chicago, IL
testimonial- 5 stars review
"It takes me less than a minute to send money from my phone!"
- Javier, Atlanta, GA
testimonial- 5 stars review
"It's so easy to register and send money with the Pangea app."
- Martha, Albuquerque, NM

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How do I send money?
Login to your Pangea account and create a transfer in three easy steps: 1. Enter a sending amount between $20 and $2,999. Then confirm the transaction details. 2. Select an existing receiver from your list or add a new receiver and select a receiving method (i.e., cash pick up or bank deposit). 3. Pay for the transfer with any debit card.
What countries can I send money to in Asia and Latin America?
Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.
Do I need to have an account to send money with Pangea?
Yes. You will have to create a secure Pangea account to send money with us.
Is there a fee I have to pay for creating an account?
No. You can create a free account really fast!
What do I need to create an account?
You can register with the following information: full name, address, valid mobile number, and password. You can enter your email address if you want to receive updates about Pangea. After creating a Pangea account, you won’t have to re-enter your information. Just login with your mobile number and password to access your account here or from the Pangea app.
Who can I transfer to?
You can transfer to any recipient in our supported locations by adding their information to your account. You will need to provide your recipient’s Government ID type, ID number, date of birth, country of birth, nationality, and street address.
Do I need to live in the US to create a Pangea account?
Yes. You will also need to provide a valid US mobile phone number.
Will the receiver have to pay any additional fees to collect the money?
No way!
Can a transfer be cancelled?
You can cancel a transfer by opening the receipt of the transfer online or in the mobile app. The option to cancel will always be active.
If the receiver already has received the funds, can I still cancel the transfer?
No, you cannot cancel the transfer if the receiver already collected the cash or has received the bank deposit.
What are Pangea’s daily limits?
You can send up to $2,999 per day, $300 of which can be paid with cash.
Do you have additional fees?
There are no hidden fees! You will only pay a single fee on each of your transactions. Before you pay for your transfer, we will always ask you to confirm the fee and the applicable exchange rate. You will always know how much you are paying and how much your receiver will be getting.
Do you have customer support?
We're committed to your satisfaction. We take pride in our customer service, which is available 24/7.
Which methods can I use to pay?
To keep our incredible transfer speeds, low fees and minimal document requirements, we only accept debit cards as a form of payment. You will need to provide the 16-digit number on your card, CVV and expiration date. Note: We can accept only US-issued debit cards branded Visa or MasterCard. We cannot accept debit cards linked to corporate accounts.
Is it safe?
Absolutely! We use bank-level security standards to make sure your funds and personal information are safe. Everything is encrypted and safe-guarded whether you’re transferring money online or through our mobile app.
What additional information will be asked about the Receiver?
We require that you provide your receiver’s Government ID type, Government ID number, date of birth, country of birth, nationality, and street address.
How does it work?
You’re in charge. Whether you're sending money to your family abroad or paying an international bill, Pangea makes the process easy and fast. Simply click “get started” and fill out the required information to set-up your first transaction, then click send! You only need a name, address and mobile number to sign-up. Plus, your money isn’t traced and we don’t require the strict documentation that most banks and transfer services require.
If my cancellation is approved, will I get a full refund?
What is the exchange rate on my transfer?
We will always display the exchange rate that applies to your transfer before you pay for it. You will always know the amount in local currency that your receiver will collect! In the latest version of the app, you can calculate exactly how much money you’re sending, based on the daily exchange rate, as soon you open the app. Simply select your country from the dropdown menu and then enter the desired sending or receiving amount to see instantly how your dollars will convert. You’ll have a chance to review the exchange rates again before you confirm your transfer.