Gas has skyrocketed over the last few months, topping over $5 a gallon in many states and metro areas and adding stress to many US households. While you can’t do much about the astronomical prices, with a few strategic moves, you can save a little money every time you fill up, giving you a little more money in your pocket as well as a little extra peace of mind.


Fill up early in the week

A strategic fill-up can help you save at the pump. Gas prices tend to be the lowest on Mondays or Tuesdays, then steadily rise throughout the week until hitting their peak on Fridays and Saturdays. Planning out your rides in advance can help save a few cents every time you fill up.


Download an app

With a quick click you can have access to the cheapest pump prices near you thanks to tech-savvy gas hunting apps. Gas Guru pulls its info from the Oil Price Information Service, while GasBuddy uses a crowdsourcing format to collect and release data on the cheapest prices in your area. As a bonus, when you submit info regularly to GasBuddy, you’ll be entered to win $100 gas gift card.


Become a member at Costco or Sam’s Club

Both Costco and Sam’s Club offer members cheaper gas — often up to 30 cents less per gallon. You’ll have to fork over membership fees up front ($45 a year for Sam’s and $60 for Costco with an array of perks offered at both stores), and then you can start saving on gas, as well as food and other discount items available at their stores. If your car holds 15 gallons, you’ll be saving $4.50 each fill-up.


Seek out gas station perks

BP, Shell and other gas stations love to reward customer loyalty, so keep an eye out for companies that offer customer discounts. BPme, Shell and Holiday all offer customers 5 cents off every gallon, while Marathon offers the same plus gives 10 cents off per gallon on your first four gas purchases. Additinoally, these loyalty programs often include perks like points as well as free food and coffee.


Follow social media

With a few quick searches, you can find people and groups on Facebook and Twitter devoted to sharing the lowest gas prices with followers in your area. Search hashtags, group names and other subjects to find communities eager to share their low-price findings.


Find grocery store discounts

From Kroger to Safeway, many grocery store brands have installed their own gas stations, and stocking up on food and other household necessities at their stores can earn you fuel points for every dollar spent. Pro tip: Buying gift cards can often earn double the points.

With a few strategic moves, you can start to save a little extra on gas each time you fill up.