At Pangea, our users are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we love to hear your unique stories based on your unique needs. It’s these distinctive experiences and feedback that serve as our motivation to continually build a reliable, cheaper and on-the-go service­­— whether you’re sending money every week, once a month or for last minute emergencies.


Liliana Velazquez, a native from Monterrey, Mexico, now lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She uses Pangea to send money back to her brothers, still in Monterrey, to help with their bills. With our superior locked-in exchange rate and fixed fee of only $3.95, Liliana says she and her brothers “already notice that their money is worth more.” Now she has the opportunity to go out for dinner on the weekends with her family, rather than having to spend more money on sending money.


“I’ve used Xoom and Intermex but, I prefer Pangea because their exchange rate is better,” says Liliana.


Plus, she uses Pangea for last minute emergencies. Liliana explains,


“A few days ago my sister urgently needed money to pay for her daughter’s medical expenses. I used Pangea and in 10 minutes she was paying the bills. She was surprised to see how fast it was!”


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