2020 was a frightening year for customers and companies alike. The disruption of normal life caused by the coronavirus pandemic led to unprecedented job losses and forced millions of businesses across the country to close their doors. 

At Pangea, we were not immune to fears that our customers and business would bear the brunt of the pandemic recession. Instead of watching helplessly from the sidelines, we recommited ourselves to creating the best possible products and services. We dedicated our time and resources to help our customers manage their money smarter when they needed it most.

Working directly with our customers to understand their unique needs, we streamlined our user experience, added payment and payout methods, and built a scheduled transfer feature to ensure they’d never miss an opportunity to support their loved ones abroad again.  

To our surprise and delight, our continued commitment to creating better products and user experiences led to significant growth in 2020. Our customers showed resilience in the face of the pandemic, sending  more money than ever before. In addition, the realities of the pandemic pushed people from brick and mortar stores to online digital solutions, accelerating the need for industry-leading products like ours. These factors have allowed us to not only survive the pandemic, but positioned us for long-term success. 

With geographic expansion likely to continue, we plan to introduce more payout methods in the upcoming months. We also look forward to welcoming a wave of new customers to digital transfers through our Pangea Card product, the only bank account that incorporates international transfers directly into the banking experience.

As we look towards the future, Pangea will continue its ongoing commitment to build outstanding products and services that allow people to send money smarter, faster, and safer to loved ones abroad.