Saving time and money is a goal that everyone aspires to. Pangea has made this a central part of our mission; providing our users with instantaneous transfers, while keeping costs low. Having a bank account can also help your family reach this goal. Without one, they’ll spend more money in fees, and in time spent accessing their money. When saving money, it’s safer to have it in a bank than in the house, and it’s easy to access funds in an emergency. Having a bank account allows your family to access other services like loans, and achieve financial security and long-term wealth.


Does your family in Mexico have a bank account? They can access all the benefits of banking with Bankaool, Mexico’s first completely-online bank, without ever entering a bank branch. Bankaool allows customers to open an account in about 3 minutes, with the opportunity to have a traditional debit card, access to 43,000 ATMs, and direct deposit for payroll. With a bank account, your family can also receive their transfer from you without ever leaving home.


When your family opens a bank account, it helps you too. Pangea users can instantly send money directly to any bank, including Bankaool, via account or debit card with the direct deposit program. First time users of this feature can use promo code EASY20 for an extra $20 on their first transfer.


To get started, tell your family to visit Bankaool to set up their account today.