Blanca Camacho and her little brother Mauricio have lived far apart for some time. She lives in Vernon Hills, Illinois; he’s in Mexico City. Being so far away from the rest of his family has been tough on Mauricio.It’s also been a challenge for Blanca, a busy single mom, to find the time to make another pit stop to send money when she’s constantly running from work to home.

In spite of her crazy schedule, though, she’s sent Mauricio money regularly since 2012. She used Moneygram to send money to Mexico in the past. But since Blanca started using Pangea Money Transfer about six months ago, it’s been a game-changer for her and Mauricio.


Thanks to Pangea’s debit-to-debit feature, Mauricio can access the money faster and easier. This has eased the stress on Blanca, as well as her mother and other members of the family, who in the past have worried about being able to help Mauricio in a timely enough manner.

“I sent the last transaction directly to his debit card, and he called me the next day so happy, telling me that the money was on time to pay his rent,” Blanca says. Mauricio has also used the money to cover his transportation costs. 

Along with helping Mauricio out with day-to-day necessities, now it’s easier for Blanca to send him money for special occasions, like on his birthday in July or this month for Valentine’s Day. 

“It’s so much easier,” she says. “Now I don’t have to worry about making a stop to send money!”

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